Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Different Types of Pregnancy Tests

With a pregnancy test, it is found out that a woman has conceived and whether there is a baby inside the womb. The moment a woman gets pregnant, hormone HCG is found in the blood along with urine. The essence of a pregnancy test would be to check out HCG and certify whether the lady is pregnant. This has a direct relation to the duration of pregnancy and would be able to track down the progress of your pregnancy.

You can opt for a pregnancy test a week after your missed period in order to verify whether you are pregnant or not.

Home pregnancy tests
As it is undertaken at the premises of your home it is known as HPT. Various types of HPTs are there in the market and each of them functions differently. In some cases you might have to dip the strip in the urine whereas in other cases you might have to place it on top of the strip.

The essence of the home pregnancy test would be to figure out the levels of HCG that shows in the urine. At around 15 days of conception the hormone shows up in the urine. The varied types of home pregnancy tests vary of interpreting the test along with placement of urine. Various signs are there to figure out the results. Some use marks whereas others use lines. Some kits have emerged in the market that provides you with digital reading.

Digital urine test
In pregnancy tests digital urine test can be considered to be the latest advancement. The hormone levels in urine are found and simply illustrate a yes or no pregnant option. It does make it fairly easy to interpret the results.

If something has gone wrong with the earlier test then you have to wait for another hour to take the test. This would mean that the digital readings would fade away.

Blood pregnancy test
This test is normally undertaken at the chamber of a doctor to certify your pregnancy. To confirm the urine pregnancy test a woman should opt for the blood pregnancy test. If the results come out negative and you still feel that you are pregnant it would be better to take a blood test then it is going to eliminate all possible doubts that arise from a pregnancy point of view. The results are more accurate and precise among the different types of pregnancy tests.

You can undertake this test on the first date of your missed period. The presence of HCG can be found with relative ease.

Pelvic examination

This is once again undertaken at the chamber of a doctor. You can opt for it after 7 days of your missed period. The gynecologist goes on to perform this test by putting in a couple of fingers into the vagina to check out cervix. In doing so the size of the ovaries can be found out. This is one of the popular pregnancy tests at a doctor’s chamber