Monday, December 10, 2018

Is LED light bulb worth of buying?

It is said that the LED light bulbs can reduce the electric bill by about 20 per cent. With this reduction in the bill, it clearly shows that these kind of bulbs are very good to save the money on the bill. But, despite this reason, people still question to this bulb. The main question is that is they worth of buying? There are some points which are mentioned below, and you can understand whether it is worth or not. 

Should you switch to LED Lights?

Before switching to the LED light bulb, there are some factors which you need to see. These are crucial factors that play an important role in the LED light bulb. They are mentioned below. 
• The very first thing that you need to see is how long you will be staying in the home. These light bulbs are said to be useful in the long run. If you are not staying at home for a long time, then it is not useful for you. 
• The next thing that you need to see is how long you used the lights. If you use the light of a room for a little time, then it is not worth buying the light. But if the light is running for a long period, then you can always go to buy led light bulbs online.

How much this LED bulb helps in saving?

If you have got an incandescent bulb and you are using it for 5 hours per day for two long years, then it will cost you around $30 as per current energy rates. But when you are using an LED bulb for the same duration of time, then the bill will be around $12. This shows that this bulb is very useful when it is used for a long time, and they save the electricity bill to a long extent. 

Advantages of LED bulb

This kind of LED bulbs is said to be useful for the environment. This is because they help in reducing the carbon emission from the bulb. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.
They are energy efficient when it is compared with traditional lighting. They are said to draw less power than the traditional lighting. 
When you go for LED, they give a better quality of light distribution. They too focus light on one direction only and then it does not waste more energy by focusing on all area to give light. If you want to buy, then buy led light bulbs online India. 
These LED bulbs have got more lifespan than other bulbs. These means they have got low carbon emissions. It is said that this kind of bulbs can be lasted up to about six times longer than any other bulbs. 
These kinds of bulbs have got no toxic elements in them, so they are safe to use, unlike other bulbs. 
These are some of the things which shows that the LED bulb is worth buying.