Wednesday, December 5, 2018

7 Gift Ideas for Easter with a Guaranteed Smile

Easter is a movable feast, as it is celebrated on different dates every year and this 2019, it is precisely for April, April, the day of April Fools! It seems logical then to think of a fun gift for someone with a jovial spirit.

Do you also know someone who is an eternal child?
One of those people always ready to laugh and make jokes to friends?
A person full of joy of life, who seems to never want to grow up and face the world of adults?
Or, would you like to give something original and fun to a friend that child is not?
List of funny Easter gifts

1) Chocolate eggs: of course, these are very traditional, but always welcome even if you are no longer a child. To make the gift even more special, you can buy an egg in a chocolate shop or donate a chocolate rabbit.

2) Egg hunt: this is a very common custom in England, known as Easter Egg Hunt, which is a sort of treasure hunt done in the garden. This is an exciting way to entertain your guests. It is not difficult to prepare, just create clues and hide little thoughts in the garden or at home, if it rains!

3) Something to take care of: those who love to laugh are usually a person of heart, who likes to take care of others, including animals and plants. So why not surprise him with a vegetable gift?

Look for example this San Severia is a plant of great effect and not too difficult to cure.
Or do you opt for a soft toy with sunflowers, are not they cute? Imagine his reaction when he sees them delivered.

4) Board game: maybe a classic revisited, it is always a welcome gift, also because it is the perfect excuse to play with friends, stay in the company and have fun in an alternative way.

5) Book of jokes: when was the last time you saw a book of jokes? When were you a child? This is why a good book, which reminds you a little when you were little, is something witty and ironic that makes you smile.

6) Do-it-yourself kits: DIY kits such as those for making candles or making home-made beer are very popular nowadays. This type of gift cannot but be loved, so inventive and innovative, it tests their skills and teaches something new.

7) Coloring book: children love coloring books, but you have to know that today they exist for adults too! It would seem that coloring is therapeutic and therefore everyone should do it. This is the perfect gift for an eternal child and useful at the same time to release the accumulated stress.

Now you know some perfect gifts for someone who knows how to laugh and loves life without taking himself too seriously.

And what do you give to yourself? Easter is a symbol of rebirth, maybe you too could buy something fun and live moments of carefree, just like when you were a child.

Author Bio:

Jenifer James is a well-known content writer and works with one of the leading Valentines flower delivery companies. In a meantime, she maintains her blog and reading books.