Sunday, October 21, 2018

Some Tip To Use Empty Nail Polish For Cuticle Oil

Nail polish is the most common manicure item among the female. But what you do with your empty nail polish bottle, more likely through it into the bin. But after reading this post, you will come to know that the nail polish container can be used as a case for the cuticle oil. 

Clear nail polish can also be used for various purposes, but this post is specifically about the use of a nail polish bottle for cuticle oil. For this, you need to have only three listed things:

  1. A vacant bottle of nail polish 
  2. 100% pure acetone nail polish remover
  3. Olive oil

How to prepare Cuticle Oil?

This process is completed into four step which is given below:

Step 1: Completely removed the nail polish from the bottle and the brush. After that unscrew the cap and pour few amounts of the 100% pure acetone nail polish remover into it, use of 100% acetone can easily dissolve nail polish. Now screw the bottle and shake it vigorously for some time and pour the polish onto the paper towel. Repeated this process until the container of the nail polish is completely clean.

Step 2: Now clean the cap & brush of the bottle and rinse them with running water and allow them to dry overnight.

Step 3: Take the bottle of olive oil and pour it into the container to fill the bottle of nail polish. You can use a funnel if you find any problem into pouring olive oil into the bottle of nail polish. 

Step 4: Now your product is ready to use. Now you can brush the olive oil onto your nail & cuticle for the stronger and healthier nails. If you need to warm it, then you can place the bottle into the bowl of hot water.

If you wish to have healthier and stronger nails, then olive oil is one of nature’s gift. The nail is like the skin which absorbs everything you apply on it. So start brushing olive oil on to your nail & cuticle it will provide you shinning & moisturized nail. So don’t throw your nail polish once it gets the finish. There is a various way by which you can use your finished nail polished bottle. Here is the end of this blog hope you will like this.