Saturday, October 27, 2018

Learn how to nail that Boho Chic look

When you think of the style that includes flowy and loose clothing, ethnic and vintage accessories and a very natural hair and makeup, the Boho Chic comes to your mind. This style became more and more popular after the eclectic gypsy look was introduced in 2002. Even after so many years, this trend has still been in favoured and many women continue to dress this way on a regular basis. If you still haven’t gotten used to the trend and don’t know how to go about the style, then you can follow the given tips to master the Boho Chic look very easily.

Loose and comfortable

The boho look is all about loose and flowy clothing. It doesn’t make you wear extremely tight women’s clothing that almost suffocates you just for the sake of fashion. It provides a way to look equally good in comfortable and natural dresses and tops. Even a simple t-shirt will work great for this look if you have some accessories to pair it up with. The old and grungy ones seem to achieve the boho look much better. A mixture of colours and tribal patterns can spice up your otherwise drab outfit. Long sleeved blouses are favoured by hippies as they are not fussy yet they give a stylish look to the wearer. Colourful shrugs and coats can also be used to bring out the spark in any outfit.

Utilise your options

A female has the advantage of having so many options for her bottoms and you should make use of it correctly. You have so many options to choose from when the weather is right. Get a little gypsy inspiration and wear your flowery printed loose skirts. Tunics and sundresses are also a great option. You can even make your mini and micro-skirts look good by pairing them up with long boots. You will most probably already own these items of clothing, so it will be very easy for you to nail that look.

Handcrafted jewellery

Handcrafted jewellery is the best kind of accessory that you can go for when you are opting for the boho look. You can buy these pretty easily, that too for very low prices, or you can even make them yourself. Long beaded necklaces are very much in favour. You can even go for seashells, natural stones and peace charms. Earrings which are ethnic inspired and large also go well with the boho look.

Granny shades

Who would have thought that those old shades which your grandmother used to wear in her times would get popular again! But the boho look is all about old and fashionable. So just grab a pair and put them on when you step out in the sun. This will surely make your whole bohemian ensemble look quite put together.


When you go for that easy going look, flip flops are the best thing you can pair your outfit with. Leather flip-flops or any other type of sandals look great when they are paired with a bohemian outfit. They are very easy to manage and also allow your feet to breathe freely.