Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to keep fleas away from your house

If you have a cat or dog at home, there is a high chance that your house will be infested with fleas – parasites that are most likely to be hiding in your pet’s body. Don’t ever take the tiny dark brown insects for granted because what you see is just a small part of their total population in form of eggs, larvae or pupae. It takes only one or two weeks for the eggs to turn into adult fleas that continue to breed at an incredible rate. Therefore, it’s urgent to get rid of fleas as soon as possible.
In order to sweep out fleas, you need to identify places that fleas are taking residence. They should be shady areas which are not directly shined by sunlight. Carpets, rugs, upholstery, basement, and even your beds are places where fleas could be hiding. And your pet is the source of all those fleas, thus it should be treated first and foremost.

Treat fleas on your pet

There are a number of best flea control product for pets that you may search for from local store such as flea shampoo, flea comb or flea spray. You may want to choose one of the products to treat fleas on your pet or combine them for a better treatment. Most often flea comb and flea shampoo are used for curing pets of the pesky insects. Have your pet bathed in flea shampoo and then comb their furry coat. Usually fleas should get killed during bathing time, but in case they are still alive, you can catch them with the flea comb. 

Wash up things in hot water

Such items as carpet, rugs or pet beddings could be washed up or dried in hot temperature to kill fleas and their offspring. Blankets, pillows or mattresses that are doubted to be with fleas could be cleaned up as well. Fleas can hardly survive in the temperature higher than 95◦F or 35°C so it’s a good idea to wash up stuff you think fleas could be hiding inside.

Vacuum the house

You have got to organize things and prepare the house for vacuuming also if you expect a complete wipe-out of fleas. Vacuum cleaners will suck up all fleas and eggs as they move along the carpets or hidden corners. However, flea eggs may not get killed and possibly hatch after some time in the vacuum bag. You would need to seal up and dispose of the bag right away to stop the living fleas from itching out and infesting the house again.

Using flea fogger

If your house is heavily infested by fleas and all the effort of cleaning up or vacuuming cannot help to eradicate them, flea fogger could be a remedy. Although chemical products for treating fleas may cause some adverse effect, we still need it for flea control. There are a lot of brand names to choose from and it sounds hard to tell which one is the best flea control product.  Nevertheless, no matter how good the advertisement about the pesticide is, you need to treat them with great care. Read the instructions to know the procedure of using it. You’ve got to cover things like food, keep children and pets away from treated areas, close the door or window and protect yourself with mask and gloves before spraying the pesticide in the house. After treating the room with flea fogger, open the door or window to allow air-circulation and leave the room for several hours for the chemicals to be blown away. You should vacuum the house again to collect dead flea body.
All of the mentioned flea control methods should be applied on a regular basis to keep your house fleas free. The reason is that there is no single treatment that can eradicate all fleas at one time. However, the key is tidying your house and keeping it in good shape. Only by doing so could your house be protected from any insect invasion.

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