Thursday, October 25, 2018

Divorced Have Every Right To Feel the Pleasure Of Being Together

Marriage are said to be a bond of soul mates that is made up in heaven. Some make up this bond themselves and somewhere it is fixed by parents in the form of arranged marriage. It is done with a belief and prayers that it would last longer. It is not only matchmaking of the two people but both the families are equally involved in this. Both have responsibilities and duties to be performed towards each other. The wedding is a holy tradition said to be performed in the presence of God.
People have always faced issues in their weddings. The adjustments both have to make are not an easy task especially from female’s point of view. They leave the paternal house and move to a new place. Male counterpart also faces issues in this. Some manage the problems and move on while in some cases differences increase and finally they get separated. This official separation is known as divorce. People face the dire consequence at different stages. Some get separated early while some after sometime. The modernization of society has changed the present scenario. They don’t feel hesitation in getting separated because it has become a common thing that things didn't work out the way they should have been. People keep their priorities straight and have become more oriented toward other things.

The society has accepted the divorce to be a normal thing. Things don’t work out sometimes they are planned. Countless reasons could be cited because of which the separation takes place. After some time the individuals who get separated start looking for a better partner but they don’t fit in the normal matchmaking process. Divorce matrimony is a specially created part for the matrimonial sites and ads in the newspapers. Individuals get registered with the sites and companies with nominal fees. Then they can find a match according to their need and demand. Many individuals who get divorced have a specific set of requirements and they too have to mention that they are divorced. One cannot hide such a thing from the company where they are going to get registered. A database of a person is updated by the agency with a photo and the information. If another person finds out the right match the couple can then exchange contact numbers and fix a meeting. Further, it is the wish of the individuals how they want to proceed with their wedding and functions.
Divorce girl for marriage is a section that could be seen in the newspapers and ads. The agency or the individuals contact the party through the contact number provided. Divorce should not be considered as a negative thing in society. Many times the hard work done for each other is just not working. Some opt out of it some continue to struggle. Divorced have every right to get married again and start a new life with all the new hopes.